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654_SA_16112017.pdf654_SA_16112017654_SA_16112017 - Application are invited from all eligible candidates in connection with the Engagement of Ambulance Driver for Paschim Medinipur Zilla Parishad
24_MNB_JGS_17_311017.pdf24_MNB_JGS_17_31101724_MNB_JGS_17_311017 - Contractual Engagement of District Coordinator, Assistant District Coordinator & Data Entry Operator in the District Sanitation Cell for Mission Nirmal Bangla (MNB) Programme under Jhargram Zilla Parishad, Jhargram
PMD_44(21)_RD_Target1718.pdfPMAY-G-Target-17-18PMD_44(21)_RD_Target1718 - PMAY-G(BAY) Targer for the Financial Year 2017-18 - Paschim Medinipur District
JGM_2(8)_SA_PMAY_Target1718.pdfPMAY-G-Target-17-18JGM_2(8)_SA_PMAY_Target1718 - PMAY-G(BAY) Targer for the Financial Year 2017-18 - Jhargram District
PMD_39(52)_RD_AdminCost1718.pdfPMAY-G-Admin CostPMD_39(52)_RD_AdminCost1718 - Allotment of Administration Cost under PMAY-G(BAY)
JGM_1(21)_SA_AdminCost1718.pdfPMAY-G-Admin CostJGM_1(21)_SA_AdminCost1718 - Allotment of Administration Cost under PMAY-G(BAY)
001_empl_pmzp_2016_14122016.pdfEmployment NoticeRecruitment of Lower Division Assistant(LDA) and Group-D Employee for Paschim Medinipur Zilla Parishad
48_DPHC_16.pdfNotice48_DPHC_16 - Recruitment of District Resource Team member for Paschim Medinipur Zilla Parishad
42(6)_DPHC_16.pdfNotice42(6)_DPHC_16 - Cancellation of Recruitment of DRT member for Paschim Medinipur Zilla Parishad
4129_IMMDC_300616.pdfNotice24129_IMMDC_300616 - Notification for participating in e-auction for 05 nos. of sand mining blocks within Medinipur-Sadar Block under Paschim Medinipur District
26_DPHC_16_160616.pdfNotice26_DPHC_16_160616 - Notification - Application are invited in prescribed proforma (enclosed) from eligible candidates for contractual engagement initially for one year in the District Public Health Cell of Paschim Medinipore Zilla Parishad
26_P_10052016.pdfNoticeORDER - Relaxations of MCC for Calling, Evaluating and Finalizing of bid related..
100-RD-16-7-14.pdfNoticeADHIKAR - The Executive Officer is requested to collect for distribution directly to the beneficiaries and submit the utilisation certificate
95-RD-11-7-14.pdfNoticeDistribution of Cheques under ADHlKAR Housing Scheme under Special BRGF in the camp office in connection with visit of Hon_ble Chief Minister, West Bengal on 14.07.2014
81_RD_30_06_14.pdfNoticeSocial Audit of lAY in each Gram Panchayat atleast once in a year is mandatory.
161_P_20_05_14.pdfNoticeTechnocal BID will be open on 27/05/2014 using E-Portal System..
434(29)SA-20-7-10.pdfLetterGP Wise IAY Permanent Wait List (PWL) for Uploading
2ndSFCPSJuly.pdfReport2nd SFC PS- July -Details
2ndSFCGPJuly.pdfReport2nd SFC GP - July -Details
13thFC-Details.pdfGuideline13th Finance Commission Details
13FC-GO.pdfGuideline13th Finance Commission Guideline
13FC-Allot-Block.pdfAllotments13th Finance Commission Block wise Allotment
13FC-Allot.pdfAllotments13th Finance Commission Allotment
12thFCPSJuly.pdfReport12th FC PS - July -Details
12thFCGPJuly.pdfReport12th FC GP- July -Details